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When thinking of my life I realize how much care has gone into what I have surrounded myself with, what I have searched out to buy, how I choose to spend my time and really, what makes me happy. Joy is intentional; it does not come without some search of yourself, some consistent effort and a basic knowledge of what makes you who you are. Curate the things that bring you back to you. I have compiled what has felt like home to me and I hope you find inspiration where I have found joy.

Why the artichoke? To me, an artichoke has always looked so elegant on a plate. With all its lovely layers like a gift, it has to be almost attacked, each layer being peeled away and its precious little bits of meat scraped clean. And in the end, with all the evidence strewn everywhere, it’s just to get to the hidden heart so good, it’s protected with a horrific hairy choke. This is the only food I can think of that requires itself to be handled this way. And be worth it in the end.

I think people are like this; layered with hidden hearts. Sometimes to get to that heart, you have to peel away at a person over and over, and just when you think it’s not worth it, there’s that gem inside that you will have well deserved.

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    Thank you for following my blog, look forward to catching up on yours!

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