breakfast in bed: chocolate pancakes, brown butter sauce, spinach, cheese and pesto croissants, fruit, hazelnut coffee and fresh vanilla cream

I always have to start my mornings with coffee… Iโ€™m not a huge tea person (though the right kind can be lovely). Blame my father; I have very solid memories of his drinking coffee every morning. Iโ€™m a fan of flavored coffees and in this case, I used almond milk and added fresh vanilla to create a sweet creamer. I used hazelnut coffee beans.

Next to that, some fresh fruit. Target had ripe raspberries and blackberries this day, so we had that.

My husband loves chocolate in any form and I thought some chocolate pancakes would be nice today. In the breakfast isle at Target you will find pancake mixes, one of which has a big bear on it and is dark chocolate with a lot of protein. I just needed to add water and mix, cooking over some Irish butter in a skillet. When done, take the butter which has now turned a bit brown from cooking and drizzle over top.

The croissants were easy to make and tasted so creamy and flaky. I decided to use pesto mayo as a base to add just a bit more flavor.

Grab a box of pastry sheets and for four croissants a sheet, pull out and defrost what you need.

Once defrosted, roll them wider and a bit thinner.

Then, with a sharpe knife, slice down the middle and then diagonally.

On the widest portion of each triangle, place some pesto and a little mayo.

Stir it a bit so it is blended.

Place the shredded cheese of your choice on top. I used mozzarella.

Then place some spinach… remembering to rip the hard stems off the ends so they donโ€™t pierce the pastry sheets.

Take an egg, crack and whisk it to combine before using either a pastry brush or your finger tips to run all along the three edges of the triangle. Then, roll and tuck the ends in – pinching just a bit.

Place it on its side with the smallest tip to keep it sealed. Continue with the rest, putting all of them with some space in between, on a pastry sheet.

Coat each one with the rest of the egg wash so theyโ€™ll brown nicely in the oven.

You can leave them in the fridge for up to two days before cooking them off. I left them in the fridge and brought them out to get as close to room temperature as I had time for, and then I baked them off at 400 for 25 mins (I decided they were done when they were the color I liked – you can do the same).

The inside turned creamy and the outside stayed flaky and warm.

I have been looking for the perfect bed tray… I finally found it at Scully & Scully. They have them in white and mahogany. This tray is a classic and the top tray is removable to expose another section that can be adjusted with a brass piece keeping it at a level appropriate for magazines, tablets and laptops. The sides hold magazines or napkins and utensils. This is the link to their tray on the website:

Youโ€™ll recognize it from a lot of movies, and it elevates a lazy Sunday spent in bed just enough, that you may not feel guilty.

China is from Lenox and Royal Worcestor. Flatware is Napoleon Bee. Crystal is Waterford.

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