bacon and dill deviled eggs

I remember my first deviled eggs experience. I don’t know why, except that it was like someone was introducing me to eggs and mayonnaise – for the first time. Which makes no sense since mayo is literally made of eggs, but in my mind these were two completely unrelated items, coming together. And I had a “before and after” moment with my mind.

After that, it was any dinner party, lunch, barbecue, brunch… Anything that had a deviled egg of any kind and I was there. I would walk away with the entire tray if I could. I mean I could but, I don’t think I’d get invited back.

To be fair, it’d be worth it.

But I digress. In this instance we have an ultimate addition: bacon. I had some leftover bacon and an abundance of eggs – so here’s a quick way to crowd please or, make a nice snack for yourself during these tough times.

You Will Need:

* Eggs

* Bacon (pork or turkey)

* Mayonnaise

* Paprika or Chipotle Seasoning

* Salt and Pepper

* Dill (fresh or dried)

Start by hard-boiling your eggs. I do them in batches of four because that’s manageable for me and what fits in my pot I like using. Put the eggs in your pot with cold water covering them all by an inch. If you’re wondering on the size, we always get large or extra large eggs.

Put the pot on high and once it reaches a full boil take off the heat, put the lid on and set the timer for 12 minutes. Do not remove the lid.

In the meantime, cook your bacon how you like it or, take your already cooked bacon and either chop it up manually or use a food processor.

Place the bacon aside.

Get a bowl and put cold water and ice into it, and when the timer for the eggs go off gently place them into the cold bowl to chill.

Let them sit in the bowl for ten minutes. In the meantime, in your food processor or a separate bowl, place two tablespoons of mayo, pepper and either a teaspoon of paprika or chipotle. You can omit the paprika or chipotle all together.

The reason for no salt yet, is you want to taste the mixture with a just a tad of bacon on a spoon to see what it tastes like first. Do NOT put your salt in without tasting the mixture with a little bacon. Some bacon is overly salty and you won’t need the extra salt at all. You can always add salt, but you can’t remove it. Do yourself a favor and taste it first.

When ready to crack and peel the eggs, I recommend the crack and roll method. Crack one end of the egg on the table, then the other, then gently roll the egg on the counter in your palm till you see and hear the little cracks everywhere. The peel should come off easily at that point.

Cut the eggs in half long-ways.

Scoop out the yolks with a spoon and place with your mayo and seasonings.

Blend or mix in your mixing bowl, tasting along the way to make sure you don’t want to add more of anything.

Plate your now only egg whites on a platter or a plate, scoop out a portion of your mixture and fill each egg. Top with a sprinkle of the bacon and some dill.

Another option of you don’t want the yolk but you do want a filling, would be to leave the mayo and yolk in a separate container to put with fish or chicken and just have the egg whites. You could fill them with tuna fish, smoked salmon and cheese, ground beef and green bell peppers, topping with melted cheese… Or just munch on them plain as a healthy snack.

But that’s an entirely different post. And I would never suggest you not having a deviled egg (unless it’s the last one – and that one is mine).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a cute ending!

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  2. Ha! Thanks! ☺️ …And I meant it πŸ˜‰


  3. Anonymous says:

    Did you know t was me?

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    1. I have a feeling I know who this is…but I’m not sure… Hint??


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