no sugar or carbs, guilt free guilty pleasure

I’m a self-professed wine girl. I love white, red, blush, the glasses, a vineyard, etc…

I have every different Riedel glass for every different varietal. I have the Swan Riedel decanter (though we don’t dare use it!), an incalculable amount of wine drinking gadgets and aerators and so on and so forth and I love it. All.

Then I started to take a look at the sugar and carbs in our wine. I decided we’d try wine companies which state their wines are low sugar and no / very few carbs. But I didn’t trust the wine labels, took too long to arrive and I could never choose what I wanted.

We were given a hazelnut flavored vodka from a friend and co-worker from their trip overseas and I fell in-love with it. Then I read flavored vodkas are just like wine: sugar and carbs.

So… I broke it all down to bare bones.

I loved vodka since college, my husband tequila. I researched mixers and fell short. I can’t just sit and sip on vodka all night.

Zevia is a brand of “soda” that is calorie free, sugar free (uses monk fruit or stevia), additive/chemical free, non GMO and carb free.

And, you can get all the flavors you loved from sodas growing up. I found ours at our grocery store and at Target. We started with their cream soda:

We grabbed the tequila my husband favored and were ready to try it out.

In the end we loved this so much we decided to try their 7-up / Sprite version as well.

Then, we decided to split each can in half with club soda (Canada Dry, which has no calories, no sugar or carbs).

So what we’re left with is a drink that is cold, bubbly fun to drink with no sugar or carbs and under 100 calories. I believe mine specifically is only 65.

I don’t yet miss my wine, and I guess that’s to be expected when I can still use my wine glasses. Cheers!

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