stuffed bell peppers with ground turkey, spinach and liviva “rice” over cauliflower “mashed potatoes” with dill

I love stuffed peppers…

I love how versatile they are but, usually they include a carb I’m trying to avoid: rice. Liviva Foods has an excellent substitute for rice (among some other things) that worked perfectly here.

You Will Need:

* Bell Pepper

* Rice (or substitute)

* Spinach

* Parmesan (or cheese of choice)

* Ground Turkey (or Beef)

* Salt, Pepper

* Cauliflower Florets (or full head)

* Half and Half (or Heavy Whipping Cream / Butter)

* Dried Dill Seasoning

* Optional: Salt-Free Chipotle Seasoning

* Dried Basil Seasoning

Start cooking down your ground turkey (or beef) in some olive oil in a pan. Use your salt, pepper, basil and chipotle. Saving the dill for the cauliflower.

Take out the packets of “rice” and rinse them in a colander.

Put the “rice” in with the ground meat in the pan. If you chose normal everyday rice, cook your usual way.

While that cooks down, cut the tops off your peppers and clean them.

Let the peppers dry upside down and cut down just the tops. Throw them in with the ground meat and “rice”.

Stir it all and then top with your spinach.

As that starts to all cook down, take out your cauliflower florets (or cut down the head) and place on parchment over a baking sheet. I decided to just use a porcelain baking pan.

Either way, drizzle with olive oil and cook on 400 degrees for 40 mins. As that cooks, your spinach should have wilted and you can stir everything – making sure the meat is completely cooked first – taste and see if you’d like to add any additional seasoning. At this point, sprinkle some cheese over top and stir one last time.

Let it sit on warm and when the cauliflower is done you should see some brown tops on the florets.

Get out a food processor or a potato masher and combine some cream or butter with salt, pepper, a bit of the parmesan and dill (to taste).

You will see below the difference between heavy whipping cream and half and half.

Whip the cauliflower until smooth and taste.

Set that aside (can be reheated easily in the microwave).

Take your peppers and stuff each one with the filling, positioning the peppers as upright as possible and then topping with a bit more of the parmesan.

If not eating right away (as we weren’t), place aluminum foil over top and put in the fridge.

When ready, cook in the oven on 350 for 30 minutes.

Before plating, reheat the cauliflower making a well in the middle to place the peppers. Push up the sides to hold in place and garnish if you’d like.

The peppers are soft and the “rice” tastes just like the real thing. No carb coma here!!

These will keep in the fridge for up to four days (this includes the day you made them).

Napkins from Williams Somoma, Placemats from Wedgewood. Napkin Rings and Bar Cart from Pier 1. Wine glasses and Decanter from Riedel. Crystal from Waterford. Silverware is Napoleon Bee.

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