sweet potato and kale soup

We’re hanging onto colder weather here in Franklin for as long as we can… We had snow, then it was 70 degrees and then it dropped back down to the 40’s and I’d be happy if it just stayed put for a while. I’m not done making soups and snuggling up under blankets!

This soup was fun because it was so easy and creamy and the color – so gorgeous! It will freeze really well to be brought out again after the rain starts in Spring slowing us all down each day with it’s rhythmic splatters and thunder rumbling.

You will Need:

  • Sweet Potato (I bought mine already washed, peeled and cut up – purchase them whole if you’d like)
  • Yellow Onion (can also use a sweet onion)
  • Imagine Free Range Low Sodium (or regular) Chicken Broth
  • Half and Half (Heavy Whipping Cream, Cashews or Buttery Yellow Potatoes will also work)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Parsley
  • Kale (baby / precut)

Wash and Peel your sweet potato, unless you got the pre-cut container(s). I used one pre-cut container for three servings – depending on how many people you’re feeding, use the appropriate amount of potatoes (factoring one potato per person). Add to a pot: one third onion per three servings, a container and a quarter of broth per three servings, salt (to taste), one and a half tablespoons of dried parsley, one tablespoon of olive oil and let everything come to a boil and soften.

When the onions and potatoes are soft, blend your soup completely. I then add the kale (mine was frozen but it can be fresh if you’d like – no stems). Depending on how much you like kale – I measured three handfuls. Let it all stay warm on medium – medium low until the kale wilts up and slinks into the soup.

Taste and see if you’d like to add any additional salt.

At this point, go ahead and add a quarter cup of half and half. Stir it in. Serve by itself or with some crusty bread. I tasted the immediate sweetness tempered by the savory onion… It was a great way to end what I lovingly refer to as Soup Season.

The Lion’s Head soup bowls are from Sur La Table.

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