nori veggie rolls with a mango, basil and cilantro sauce

I have been searching the internet for a simple, easy to understand, basic way of eating for a while. I am (or at least I think I am) limited in what I can eat while I try to get a hold of this histamine issue… That being said, everything I’ve read leads to inflammation being the key culprit.

So, I figured, if I can lower my inflammation and let my body (including the biggest assistant: my liver) heal, it should also heal the histamine. Some of the foods I have read that help with inflammation do NOT help with histamines HOWEVER, if you DON’T lower your inflammation you will not get a handle on this. Or any of your issues, be them SIBO, Candida, Arthritis, Endometriosis (ding ding ding! Another one of my issues), PCOS, Thyroid, IBS, Eczema, etc.

You have to get the good stuff in, even if it is hard at first, to get your body back to “factory settings”.

So, I found and started devouring all that the Medical Medium had to say on the matter. I subscribed to his YouTube channel, followed him on Instagram and purchased all of his books. I also added all the hashtags I could to my Instagram feed so I could be inundated with information.

I learned there is a community of over three million people on just Instagram alone, who have corrected a whole slew of ailments. I hope to add myself, and my husband, and you – if you need it – to that list. After eating this (which was AMAZING) I had a slight headache, probably from the cilantro and I don’t care. I popped two DAO pills, drank two glasses of water and got on with it. I NEED that cilantro and the other goodness in here to heal. We can’t avoid healthy foods which will heal us in the long run just to avoid histamine right now.

(That being said, if you have MCAS or HIT or a food allergy that leads to anaphylaxis, please substitute accordingly)

You Will Need:

  • Nori Seaweed Rolls
  • Organic Sweet Potato (I split one whole potato between two rolls, with some scoops left over which I just happily ate with a spoon)
  • Mango (I used one per two servings)
  • Carrots (I bought ours pre-shredded)
  • Baby Kale (or spinach)
  • Cucumber (I used a half a cucumber between two nori rolls)
  • Cauliflower (if you can get fresh riced cauliflower go for it, otherwise buy a head and pulse it in your food processor)
  • Fresh Herbs: Basil and Cilantro

First thing you’ll want to do is get your potato steamed. I took one purple organic sweet potato and chopped it before steaming it.

While that steams, either chop and pulse your cauliflower if you need to or, take your cucumber and peel it – and then slice it or if you can, use a mandolin to get it really thin.

When your potato is done, stick it in the fridge to cool. If you couldn’t find shredded carrots start chopping them into thin sticks. Basically, you just want to start prepping everything while you wait for your potato. You can go ahead and start with your mango dressing.

Decide how you’d like to tackle this – it’s a messy job but I have a distinct feeling I’m making it harder than it has to be. I didn’t use a whole mango, just enough for the rolls – take the mango meat and put it aside.

Your potato should be cool enough by now – go ahead and take all the pieces you cut and a nice stalk or two of fresh basil to your food processor and blend till combined.

Break open your nori sheets and take one out. They’re a bit sticky and crumbly but it’s easy cleanup. Take scoops of your potato and start to line the sheets with the mixture going along the end all the way across. Like I had said earlier, I didn’t use an entire half of the mixture per sheet – there was some left over – go ahead an eat that separately or save.

Then line with your cucumber. Next, your cauliflower rice. And then your carrot shreds.

Finally, top everything with your kale or spinach leaves.

Tuck and roll the nori and it will close by sticking to itself. Set it aside and start the next one.

Rinse out your food processor and place your mango meat, a bunch of fresh cilantro and basil into it and puree.

Get either a platter or plate to start assembling. I chose a long rectangular platter. I started to lay the sauce down from one end to the other.

I then cut the rolls into four equal parts and laid them down across the plate. You can choose to put the sauce on the side or slice these into sushi sized bites.

I then topped with more cilantro sprigs. And left to plate later.

Choosing to grab just two (my husband is lucky I shared these), I used a knife to scoop more sauce and slather it on top as I ate.

This sauce was so good, I may just make these next time with the sauce already IN them…

I had a strong reaction to the cilantro (I think it was that… everything else was low histamine and I don’t believe nori has ever caused me any issues) but, you may not. Either way, cilantro is invaluable to our healing. A healing from anything, really. So I’m going to add it here and there as I know I need it, but I’m going to leave it out of my food for the next two days – bulking up on the fresh fruits and other veggies.

I will say – this was THE BEST thing I have eaten in MONTHS. I don’t know if it was the potato with the basil, or the sauce, or the roasted nori… It was refreshing and filling and I know what I ate was all good for me.

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