wild sockeye salmon lettuce tacos with guacamole, grilled eggplant and peaches

We typically get our salmon from only one place: Vital Choice because we trust their quality; they do not break the cold chain and therefore the product arrives as fresh as if you were there on the day it was caught.

That being said, it’s not always convenient to wait (though as short a wait it turns out to be) for fish, and we have come across an alternative: Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood Company. We found them while meandering around our favorite Saturday hang-out; the Franklin Farmer’s Market.

In this case, you can use whatever fish you choose – but please, make sure it is not farm raised fish. And why not try a gorgeous pink sockeye.

You Will Need:

  • Fish (preferably wild sockeye)
  • Your veg of choice (we used beautiful eggplant and peaches)
  • Guacamole (the line at the market for this guacamole is becoming legendary but, it’s worth it. Make your own or grab some from another fantastic source: Whole Foods)
  • Tomato (enough for a half a slice per taco per person)
  • Large leaves of lettuce (our favorite is Boston Bibb)
  • Fresh Dill (optional – or dried)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper (optional)
  • Grill (optional)
  • Parchment Paper
  • Cookie Sheet or Casserole Dish

First thing I always do is get the salmon in the oven. It wouldn’t matter if you bought one whole pound or several fillets since you’ll be shredding the salmon in the end. Take your parchment and make sure to cut a piece that is three times larger than the amount of salmon you’ll be using. Place the salmon inside, skin side up (if you have skin on the fish) and wrap it like a package – tucking the ends under to keep the juices inside.

Bake on 350 for 12-15 mins (if defrosted) and check to make sure it’s done; this is all dependent on your oven- if frozen, cook for at least 50 mins and adding an additional ten minutes as you check on the salmon. We always cook frozen on 350 for 50 mins and it’s perfect.

Take your veg out to get ready to grill (or cook in a pan). If you like grilled tomatoes throw them on as well. We did not grill the tomatoes.

I slice the eggplant into discs so that I can always use the left-overs as mini-pizzas… something to dip into the guacamole with, but at least have more touching the grill at one time.

(If you plan on using a pan, just throw some olive oil into it and cook until the eggplants are soft.) Place some olive oil on your grill – we love the Cuisinart Goodful Grill / Griddle; it’s functional and gorgeous.

Cook all the veg down topping with a bit of salt and pepper (optional).

Set aside to let cool.

Take your tomato and start to cut into discs and then again in half.

The salmon should be done by now – so you have your veggies out to cool, your tomatoes cut and now it’s time to get the salmon to room temperature.

The skin will come off very easily while the fish is still hot. If you’re one of the (not one person I have met) people who actually like salmon skin, now would be the time to cut the salmon into fillets and crisp the skin in a pan. Otherwise, take the skin off and set aside.

Now grab your cooked salmon and place it into a bowl large enough to hold the salmon and start to shred it into bite-sized pieces.

I then (and you don’t have to) added some fresh dill. Stir.

Leave to cool as you prep your lettuce. I believe lettuce should always be rinsed – especially if you get it from a farmer’s market like we do. So take two leaves per taco, and place on a plate to be rinsed and dried. I allotted three tacos per person so I needed to rinse twelve leaves.

They just needed to be blotted dry.

The salmon should be cooled enough by now. Start to layer your tacos any way you’d like after remembering to use two leaves per taco. I placed the guacamole down first, then the half a slice of tomato, some salmon, eggplant and finished with a piece of peach.

Continue to fill each taco and rest them against each other as you work your way down a long platter or, plate directly to eat.

After finishing, I cut up the rest of the veggies into bite-sized pieces and placed them with the rest of the salmon and some Coconut Aminos. Covered in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge. This would be amazing tomorrow with some wild rice or more tacos – but in this case, I have them reserved to stuff miniature butternut squash.

When all the tacos are done you can decorate with some fresh cilantro or like I did, some edible flowers.

Putting the guacamole down first has it hitting your mouth first – then it’s cooled by the tomato, finishing with the creamy salmon and the bit of grilled veg and fruit. I barely got to the third taco – I have to admit… And those three tacos were literally all I ate all day; they were that filling. Keep that in mind when you plan how much per person.

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