grilled coconut bbq citrus ginger tuna with baby potato salad and avocado

Tuna Steaks are some of our favorite seafood. The simplest to cook, in my opinion, outside of shrimp and they are extremely versatile. These basically make themselves!

You Will Need:

* Tuna Steaks (wild caught, fresh or frozen)

* Baby Potatoes (red or white – enough for the people you’re feeding; estimate six per person)

* Pre-made Guacamole / Avocado

* Orange (one orange per two steaks)

* BBQ Coconut Aminos

* No Soy Vegenaise / Mayo of Choice

* Dried / Fresh Dill

* Dried / Fresh Oregano

* Dried Ginger

* Salt

* Microgreens / Baby Lettuce of Choice

* Olive Oil

* Non Stick Cooking Spray

* Grill (we love our George Foreman)

The first thing you’ll need to do is get the steaks marinating. If they are purchased frozen, let them defrost. Once mostly defrosted (or are already fresh) take a pair of kitchen sheers or a small knife and cut all over the top of the steaks. Make sure to either place them into a container or in a ziplock bag.

Squeeze the orange so the juice is all over the tuna and in the container / bag. Then add one tablespoon of BBQ coconut aminos per steak and finally a teaspoon of ginger per steak (on the steak directly) in that order if using a container.

Place the container / bag aside and sealed in the fridge for at least an hour. While you wait, take your baby potatoes out to cook.

You’ll want to steam these using your preferred method. I like using the Lekue Steamer but you can just use a shallow bowl with a bit of water and cover with plastic wrap (with a few holes) / paper towel and microwave till softened (start with four minutes). I cut each baby potato into at least quarters.

When the potatoes have steamed, put them a container / bag and use enough Veganaise to coat them entirely, adding oregano, salt and dill to taste.

Then stir everything and set aside to cool.

Take your steaks and let them get to room temperature. You never want to cook any protein when it’s too cold to start. You’ll know they’re at room temperature after about ten or so minutes.

You can see, in the container I was able to top the steaks with the ginger so I could get a nice crust while grilling.

Spray your grill if the grill requires it, and place each filet down the same way so you get the same grill marks.

Turn them again so you get that criss-cross pattern which will hold the olive oil later.

If you purchased guacamole, plate that down first. If you want to use just avocado, top your steaks with the avocado slices, plating the microgreens first.

Shake / stir your potatoes for one last coating and place alongside the steak – drizzle everything with a bit of olive oil.

The first thing you’ll taste is the orange and ginger, tempered by the avocado. The microgreens, being a baby lettuce is a nice accompaniment to the baby potatoes. So would baby spinach, if you would like an alternate option.

These steaks flake beautifully and can be used in tacos, nori seaweed wraps or with potato udon noodles as a cold pasta salad.

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