no bake cake with fruit puree, cashews and a nut butter pistachio crust

I am going to keep this one short and *sweet* – because really, that’s what this dessert was: a sweet, quick, satisfying accompaniment to our coffee – though it would have been equally as good with tea or champagne.

You Will Need:

* Lightly Salted Pistachios

* Monkfruit Sweetener (optional and not recommended unless you too use papaya – please see *NOTE* below)

* Butter (we prefer grass-fed and / or pasteurized)

* Chocolate Chips (optional but if you do add them, try to get Lily’s sugar free chips)

* Nut Butter of Choice (we used Bae’s Butters Pumpkin Seed Matcha but any of his butters would be amazing aside from, in my opinion, the cashew nut butter considering you’ll be adding cashews separately)

* Cashews (roasted and salted if you prefer to not salt yourself)

* Fruit (we used some papaya because that’s what we had in the house but sliced strawberries over a strawberry puree or some peaches would have been amazing)

* Food Processor, Single Serve Small Cake Round (or in this case a ramekin) and Tin Foil

Please disregard the chia seeds as they were added to a separate dish but could be added to the pistachio crust for some extra nutrition if you’d like

This makes a small cake but it’s super filling so you can split it between yourself or even two other people, giving quarters to each of you. Get out a food processor and place a cup of the pistachios in the machine along with a melted tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon and a half of nut butter.

Blend and pulse until it comes together as sticky formable clumps.

Bring out your round cake pan or ramekin (I used a ramekin) and layer it on the bottom with aluminum foil. Do not trim the foil, just press down on the inside around all the sides and then fold the extra amount hanging off the round so that it’s neatly against the dish or pan but can still be used later to lift.

Scoop out the pistachio crust and press it down into the pan or dish until it’s even and compressed.

I had some extra so I made small round balls which I then coated in the chia seeds and let chill in the fridge before eating… and before my dog, Grace ate as well 🙂

Next, take the same amount of your cashews and a teaspoon of monkfruit and blend and puree until it becomes a creamy butter-like consistency.

*NOTE* You may not wish to add any monkfuit if you chose a sweet fruit like the ones listed as options above. I would omit and have the salt from the cashews and pistachios counter-balance the sweet from the fruit and the savory from the nut butter. If you got unsalted cashews, here’s where you would want to add some salt yourself.

Layer the cashew over the pistachio crust.

Start your last layer by throwing in the fruit of your choice if you would like to make a puree. You could puree your fruit as well as leave slices if you’d like.

If that’s the case, pulse until liquid, whichever fruit you prefer.

Leave uncovered in the fridge for at least two hours (longer is preferable if you can). While I did say this was quick (and it is!), the waiting is the only hard part. Because it’s a no bake cake, you really need that time for everything to set and come together.

After the time needed for everything to set has passed, go ahead and take the formed and chilled cake out of the fridge and pull the entire cake out of the pan or dish using the foil.

Rip along the sides to release it.

Place it on your serving dish (for size reference, this is a salad plate).

Now, decide how you wish to decorate your cake. We used some of the Lily’s chocolate chips on top.

You’re done! Remember, it’s super decadent so try to go slow and share!

If you can…

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