cream of broccoli soup

Whenever you read “cream of” anything, you don’t think *healthy*. But this soup is very low in calories and carbs, while filled with nutritious ingredients in a filling warm concoction.

I had missed soups… I used to make them creamy with potatoes or cashews. Then we started Keto and I would dress up our favorite Kettle & Fire soups with veggies and meats. One day a friend of mine posted a soup she made and it reminded me there should be no reason I can’t make a soup that is both Keto friendly and hearty.

You Will Need:

* Broccoli Florets

* Salt

* Pepper

* Chicken Bone Broth

* Heavy Whipping Cream

Empty your broccoli into a stock pot or, if you have it (see other soup posts for link to item) a soup maker, add the whipping cream and the bone broth. You will need as much liquid as to cover the broccoli completely. Adding more if needed while cooking (2 parts broth, one part HWC – you only need the HWC to make it creamy so, use your best judgement based on how much soup you’re making; you can always add more).

Boil until the broccoli is tender and then blend. Add salt and pepper to taste.

This soup with the cream makes a gorgeous sea foam green color. It tasted so fresh and was surprisingly filling for a soup… though broccoli is a filling vegetable so that, I guess, should have been expected.

Top with chopped bacon, cheese… or be a purist like we were and leave it alone. It really needed nothing but a big spoon.

Plates, napkin and spoon are from Pier 1. Lion’s head bowl is from Sur la Table.

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