bacon and cheddar sous vide egg bites

I watched a youtube video of a chef who was going to different well known locations and trying some of their more popular foods on the menu. During one video, he and his cousin went to Starbucks and ordered one of each of their Sous Vide Egg Cups. Almost 40 dollars later (for three cups), I decided this wasn’t something I would be buying.

40 dollars for a couple eggs in a bag? No thanks.

So, lucky for me I happen to own a sous vide machine. I went ahead and made the eggs myself … and I think I understand why they cost so much.

They have this silken texture to them. A custard base with all the flavors exemplified. There’s also the added benefit of knowing they weren’t cooked on the stove in a pan that could have transferred some of its non-stick coating into the food. Cooking sous vide has been a game-changer for me.

You Will Need:

  • A Sous Vide Machine (I have the Anova)
  • Eggs (one whole egg per cup)
  • Ball Mason Jars (half pint or 4oz)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Seasoning (I used dried basil)
  • Cheese (I used shredded sharp cheddar)
  • Optional: Bacon (cook ahead of time / get pre-cooked)
  • Optional: Spinach
  • Half and Half
  • Stock Pot (something that holds the water)

Set aside the amount of jars you plan to cook.

My mason jars were brand new so if yours are as well, give them a quick rinse in some soapy water. Spray the inside of your jars or use butter (or olive oil) so nothing will stick. If you choose to add bacon make sure it’s already cooked and cut each slice in half, placing the half slice in the bottom of each jar. Crack and whisk your egg in a separate bowl with a splash of half and half, adding your cheese, seasonings and rip up a few pieces of spinach (or kale, if you chose to add some greens).

Pour the mixture into the mason jar, closing tightly enough where you know it’s closed but not too tightly. Basically, pretend you’ll be asking a five yr old to open these later. Complete this for all of your jars and get a vessel to hold water for the sous vide.

I have a plastic tub that is for sous vide but I wanted to just use a crock pot incase most people do not have the big sous vide tub. This shows you can use almost anything. Fill the pot with water, leaving room for all of your jars to take up space and displace the water. Have a ladle handy so you can remove the water if it rises too close to the edge of the pot.

Set your temperature to 172 degrees F and the time for one hour. A few minutes before the temperature has reached 172, get tongs and gently lower each jar into the water.

When the cups are done, remove them and let them sit for 10 minutes.

After the resting time has passed, you can decide if you want to eat them straight out of the jars (with some sour cream and avocado, perhaps?) or if you wish to plate them.

If you wish to plate them, slide a butter knife along the edges of the egg cup and then tip it over in your hand to plop out the egg. You can decide which side of the cups is the nicest to look at, depending on your ingredients.

You can see that velvety custard look they have, and you can imagine how smooth and creamy they taste.

You would be correct.

It’s a good thing I know how to make these myself (and now you do too). They would have been devoured in less time than it would have taken to wait in the drive-thru to order them.

(You can make these ahead of time and leave in the fridge. Reheat later after taking them out of the jars or, bring them in the jars – wrapped in aluminum foil so they stay warm – on a picnic)

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  1. Very cool idea! I’m curious if you double checked the water temp with a thermometer. I did this once with a high temp sous vide & found the water 10-15 degrees F lower than what the Anova said.

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  2. Thanks! ☺️ You know, I did read that the temp can be off with that brand of sous vide machine… I have never found it to be an issue though, so I never bothered to check the actual temp. I can try just to see how many degrees it reads off – just for my own curiosity. I’ll check it next time!

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