cream of zucchini soup with onion and cilantro

When I was diagnosed with an egg yolk and nickel allergy I was… pissed. Tell me what’s good that doesn’t have yolk in it?! So, I did the elimination diet (did you know food and meds also have nickel in them? Not just what you cook with?) and, I noticed a big change within just two weeks. I completed the recommended four weeks of restrictive yolk and nickel consumption and I’m now more aware of what triggers my rashes and itchy skin. I have all but ended my ailments by just no longer eating egg yolk or nickel every day or in every meal. It’s amazing what happens when you listen to your body…

Now, I can have eggs with no issue and Nickel appears to be a non-issue as well unless I have it in my makeup, jewelry or beverage dispensers. You’ll always want to be careful with metal in general. Try to use enameled cast iron and wooden spoons – parchment paper and frozen instead of canned goods – when you can. Everyone is susceptible to a metal toxicity.

For anyone who wants a clean creamy soup which is low in nickel (aside from the soup maker itself) or just wants a keto-soup that leaves you feeling full for hours, this one is a sure thing.

Adding the cilantro is a tasty benefit as it removes heavy metals and inflammation from your body. The onion gives it a full body taste with the heavy whipping cream giving the right amount of fat to keep you full.

I’m not sure why this soup doesn’t end up tasting like zucchinis… But does anyone mind?

You Will Need:

* Two Medium / Large Zucchinis (see below **)

* Heavy Whipping Cream

* Imagine Free Range Chicken Broth (look at the ingredients of this brand and type of broth; it’s the only clean broth I have found with organic ingredients and no cane sugar or other unnecessary additives)

** This soup will feed three people a ladle and a half full so, use those measurements to make sure depending on how many people you’re feeding, you’ve gotten enough zucchinis and broth. **

* Himalayan Pink Salt

* Dry Cilantro Seasoning

* One Yellow Onion

In a pot or the Philips Soup Maker, cut up your zucchinis and just under a half of your onion. Drop in all but a quarter of your chicken broth (or more depending on how many people you are serving – see above note) and add a couple glugs of your heavy whipping cream. Add some pinches of salt and a heavy helping of cilantro. You can always add more salt later to taste. The amount of cilantro I add is around two or more tablespoons. It may sound like a lot but, the soup needs the flavor; zucchinis are not known to be a very overbearing vegetable in itself.

Boil and then blend.

If you have the soup maker throw everything in and press the first button.

When the soup is done it will have the most gorgeous green color and be very creamy (if it’s not as creamy as you like, simply add more cream and serve).

Additional option: add parmesan to finish.

It needs nothing else.

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  1. Mom says:

    Sounds delish!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is absolutely our favorite soup I’ve ever made! I can’t describe the taste… Maybe you can? It’s not zucchini. It’s fabulous. But I can’t say what it is… ???


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